Loved to Pieces

Welcome to my stop for the Loved to Pieces Blog Party.

My oldest, now a teenager, and I have an ongoing debate about certain shades of blue-green and green-blue. It’s a lively and jovial discussion. These are her favorite colors, and to her, they are all blue. I, of course, am trying to enlighten her on the more delicate points of nuanced tones. So when Mister Domestic’s new line, Loved To Pieces arrived the debate raged on.

When I first laid eyes on the fun florals and coordinated stripes, I knew immediately I wanted to make Mathew’s young daughter a quilt from them.  He designed the fabrics with her in mind and seriously named it “Loved to Pieces.” If you know him at all, you know how he loves her. Kids love things with their names on them and “kid-sized,” so that’s exactly what I did. Here is a kid-sized throw she can tote along on adventures, or hide in her new Tee-Pee with.

Oh, and Of course, I had to spend some of our debate time making her hold the quilt for me. I won’t embarrass her with the outtakes here, let’s just say we had a good time as all debates should be. And we’d love for you to weigh in, is this solid fabric blue, green, blue-green or green-blue? 

Last but not least, check out ALL of the other makers because “Ain’t no party like a Mister Domestic Blog Party!” I’ve loved seeing how this whole line has been transformed into so many fabulous makes. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the party too!

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