Make Do and Mend Monday: Kitchen Rug Redo! 

After searching for new black and white kitchen rugs and coming up empty handed on either size or style, I decided to Make Do and Mend with what I have one hand.


Here is how I made it! I took this old kitchen mat, it’s standard carpet top with non-slip rubber back.  Pretty sure it came from Target.

I grabbed some indoor/outdoor stiff heavyweight canvas fabric I had on hand, I cut the fabric 1.25in larger on all sides of the rug.  Then wrapped the fabric around to the back side.  (Use wonder clips to hold it in place.)

Then I mitered each of the corners.  

Then I stitched it down all the way around about 3/4in from the edge.   I used a jeans needle and my walking foot and just took it slow.

Here is my new kitchen rug!  Exactly what I was looking for!

It’s all mine… 

I might have a decent size stash of various fabrics, annnnd I might have more than one great sewing machine.  What I certainly didn’t have was a quilt that was all mine! One that I made for just me!  Until now! On our recent vacation, I put the finishing touches on my City Tiles Quilt!  I was excited to test the pattern for Emily.  (I just love her modern style, Go Check her out!) I sometimes dream of quilting for hours each day.  That is NOT the season of life for me right now.  When 1st-grade spelling or navigating how to explain a noun of direct address to my 4th grader wake me from my daydream,  I realize I don’t want that dream.  I cherish spending most of my days memorizing irregular verbs and Latin noun declensions with my kids. While the subjects do provide a level of interest for me, it’s more about the time spent with my not so little kids watching them learn and grow.  Taking on larger quilt projects is always bridled by other priorities.  I look at this dreamy finish and am pleased that it was all started and finished this year. And it’s all mine.  I figure this life I have is pretty incredible! Oh, and it’s all Tula Pink… Because hello #stopstashing #startsewing!  When you see me next, I might just be carrying this thing around like like a two-year-old with a security blanket. 

We discovered a ghost town (old Mormon settlement) outside Zion.  Seriously, this wagon? Zion is full of breathtaking views, cliffs, and hillsides that have broken off in big chunks and landslides.  I spy the  Zion Arch in the background…do you? 

We hiked, we laughed, we ate ice cream, we biked, we ventured through tunnels, I fell and LITERALLY.ATE.DIRT *blech* (3 hours later I was still gritting it between my teeth), and the whole time we were in awe of God’s handiwork. 

Working Truss Bridge, WHAT? WHAT?

The quilt deets: Fabric is Tula Pink from several lines.  For the back, I pieced it from various larger cuts, yard, half yard, and fat quarter.  Even the binding is Tula.   ALL TULA, ALL THE TIME! I quilted it in a simple larger crosshatch.  I think the piecing was sophisticated enough for this finish!  Do you have a quilt that is all yours?  

Warm bread, full heart! 

One of my most cherished passages of Scripture is from Acts 2.  Jesus had just ascended back to heaven and the Apostles were following Jesus’ last command and the Church was growing.

42 And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers. 43 And awe[d] came upon every soul, and many wonders and signs were being done through the apostles. 44 And all who believed were together and had all things in common. 45 And they were selling their possessions and belongings and distributing the proceeds to all, as any had need. 46 And day by day, attending the temple together and breaking bread in their homes, they received their food with glad and generous hearts, 47 praising God and having favor with all the people. And the Lord added to their number day by day those who were being saved.

Last night, as I sat in a leader’s training, the first thing the speaker said is that “Relationships are the most important part of our lives.”  This passage kept floating around in my head and filtering down to my heart. (Side Note: I may have gotten a tad bit giddy when he spoke of mirror neurons and how relationships can transform us.)

I cherish the community we have, and the people we’ve had in our home over the years, sharing meals and our lives with. Must be hundreds, maybe thousands of meals together! When I think of all of those meals together, I get excited about heaven.  It will be one great big fantastic feast with so many we love and people from everywhere we’ve never met!   We get to practice now, building relationships, being present in people’s lives, breaking bread,  serving on another, growing together, suffering together, celebrating together.

It is always a delight and a joy to share meals with others, and as they say in Texas “Y’all come back now, ya hear?”

No offense intended to school cafeteria workers.

Last night I dreamt had a nightmare we were living on a tiny boat on a big river! A fire was barreling down the canyon toward us. We were ordered to evacuate.  I kept looking everywhere for our school books.  I know they are replaceable, but that takes time. My kids would need some routine, an ordinary pace.

I always try to figure out what my dreams mean.  Sometimes they represent something great.  Most of the time it just means I had pizza
a too late.  HA! I think this one means I’m owning more of my homeschool mom status!  

My oldest has just started her last year of elementary! Wait? WHA??? I.JUST.CAN’T!!! Before this year started, I had to revisit what in the world I was doing and why.  I thought I’d share a bit of my process for those of you who believe you might want to homeschool, annnnd, you don’t know where to start.  I get his question from time to time.


Your heart, that, THAT is the best place to start.  It will drive you on long hard days; it will be your fresh cup of hot coffee when you are dragging.  It will be your breath of fresh air in a paper bag when you are overwhelmed by “mom guilt.” (Not that I know anything about that!)   It will also help make all of the of the decisions easier. It eliminates many of your options, and there are sooooo many options!

What does it mean to start with your heart?  Concisely said, “what is your vision for your children’s childhood and their education?”  Now, this cannot be to get away from something.  Vision is not what you are trying to avoid or escape.  Wanting to avoid something (like a crazy cafeteria lady) can be and often is the impetus, which is fine.  It won’t carry you through in the long haul. Running away from something is not sustainable long term. You have to determine why you would homeschool. What you hope to gain from it.  What you want out of it. These should be positive things. Not negative. (Example: I want to have close interactions with my children. Not: I want to keep my kids away from crazy cafeteria ladies.) Write down your vision, add to it, revisit it, change it from year to year, allow it to grow over time, just as your family grows.  Always keep the vision something that pulls you forward.  Avoiding, running, and escaping, will not sustain you in joy and perseverance.  It will load you with fear and feed negativity.  It will keep you from being able to decide on curriculums and programs, and it will be a thief to focus. There will be tough uphill days, but what drives you will be your vision.  Now, go start visioning and chase HARD after it with all your heart!  ~T

What *sweet* dreams are made of…

Look closely at this photo…do you see it? The larger area that is a neutral off white?Take a closer look…That texture!!! That’s the stuff sweet dreams are made off! It is also what separates any ole blanket from a quilt.  Oh YEAH!

It is there in spirit when the quilt is finished, but the first wash, that’s the magic.  I live for that magic! So every quilt I make, gets the first wash…in baby laundry detergent. Because, HELLO, babies are also pure magic!

Ebbs, flows, and Tornadoes…

Last night I was dreaming an angel was in my room…then I heard the sweetest 6-year-old voice in the dark calling to me from the foot of my bed… This girl has been making tremendous strides in reading.  My third and final bébé I  get a front row seat to watch the magic of learning to read.  I’ve observed a few things in big milestones such as reading:

1. Fast/rapid growth in one arena requires all other personal resources shift to that arena.  Temporary regressions in other areas will likely ensue.  (Tantrums/unusual emotional outbursts, forgetting other subjects already mastered, out of the norm bed wetting)

2. Learning is rarely a straight line to be plotted in an upward & to the right direction.  At times it will look like the 3-year-old marked on the lovely graph chart planned; back and forth, up and down, and a big blob right in the middle. This chaos is real life!

3. We cannot judge progress on daily or weekly evaluations.  We MUST step back, look at the big picture, then see those crazy points charted are more like a tornado that you can see the path, not whilst you are in it, but once it’s gone.