Weekend Pattern Writing

Tiled Indigo Block of the Month Club for September will be dropping on the 15th.   My second block for the year will be in the batch! Whew.  I’ll be releasing both blocks as patterns very soon. Have you tried machine appliqué before?  I learned on the fly after selling a quilted stocking.  Youtube to the rescue.  I practiced on fabric watching video’s till we hours of the morning to figure it out. It certainly didn’t come easy, hours of practice and now it doesn’t frighten me.  Does it bother you?  Maybe you are an expert?  I’m all about venturing out, trying new things. It helps generate creativity.  It is also a great time to slow down and be kind to yourself with where you are in the process.  Perfectionism can creep in and steal away your creative juices.  If you’d like to learn, machine appliqué, please be sure to allow space for the learning process,  which means you likely won’t master it the first time.  You might have to start over.  Additionally, you might have to try it out, then let the process marinate while you do something more familiar for a few days, then come back to your appliqué.  This break often allows our brain to make new connections with new learning.   If you haven’t tried appliqué before, I’d be delighted to share this block with you.  Just leave a comment letting me know you’d like to step out of your comfort zone and give it a go.  It comes with three different motifs, and I’ll share more ideas on how to make it uniquely your own.


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