Ebbs, flows, and Tornadoes…

Last night I was dreaming an angel was in my room…then I heard the sweetest 6-year-old voice in the dark calling to me from the foot of my bed… This girl has been making tremendous strides in reading.  My third and final bébé I  get a front row seat to watch the magic of learning to read.  I’ve observed a few things in big milestones such as reading:

1. Fast/rapid growth in one arena requires all other personal resources shift to that arena.  Temporary regressions in other areas will likely ensue.  (Tantrums/unusual emotional outbursts, forgetting other subjects already mastered, out of the norm bed wetting)

2. Learning is rarely a straight line to be plotted in an upward & to the right direction.  At times it will look like the 3-year-old marked on the lovely graph chart planned; back and forth, up and down, and a big blob right in the middle. This chaos is real life!

3. We cannot judge progress on daily or weekly evaluations.  We MUST step back, look at the big picture, then see those crazy points charted are more like a tornado that you can see the path, not whilst you are in it, but once it’s gone.


2 thoughts on “Ebbs, flows, and Tornadoes…

  1. Awseome post – put everything we go through in such a great perspective. Last year was challenging on so many levels – I think in the end good practices were developed that will be helpful this year.

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