It’s all mine… 

I might have a decent size stash of various fabrics, annnnd I might have more than one great sewing machine.  What I certainly didn’t have was a quilt that was all mine! One that I made for just me!  Until now! On our recent vacation, I put the finishing touches on my City Tiles Quilt!  I was excited to test the pattern for Emily.  (I just love her modern style, Go Check her out!) I sometimes dream of quilting for hours each day.  That is NOT the season of life for me right now.  When 1st-grade spelling or navigating how to explain a noun of direct address to my 4th grader wake me from my daydream,  I realize I don’t want that dream.  I cherish spending most of my days memorizing irregular verbs and Latin noun declensions with my kids. While the subjects do provide a level of interest for me, it’s more about the time spent with my not so little kids watching them learn and grow.  Taking on larger quilt projects is always bridled by other priorities.  I look at this dreamy finish and am pleased that it was all started and finished this year. And it’s all mine.  I figure this life I have is pretty incredible! Oh, and it’s all Tula Pink… Because hello #stopstashing #startsewing!  When you see me next, I might just be carrying this thing around like like a two-year-old with a security blanket. 

We discovered a ghost town (old Mormon settlement) outside Zion.  Seriously, this wagon? Zion is full of breathtaking views, cliffs, and hillsides that have broken off in big chunks and landslides.  I spy the  Zion Arch in the background…do you? 

We hiked, we laughed, we ate ice cream, we biked, we ventured through tunnels, I fell and LITERALLY.ATE.DIRT *blech* (3 hours later I was still gritting it between my teeth), and the whole time we were in awe of God’s handiwork. 

Working Truss Bridge, WHAT? WHAT?

The quilt deets: Fabric is Tula Pink from several lines.  For the back, I pieced it from various larger cuts, yard, half yard, and fat quarter.  Even the binding is Tula.   ALL TULA, ALL THE TIME! I quilted it in a simple larger crosshatch.  I think the piecing was sophisticated enough for this finish!  Do you have a quilt that is all yours?  

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