Scraps practice on Spare Parts Delight

Whittling down my work in progress list without starting any new big quilts has proven to be a test in my perseverance. I’ve had the Rainy Day Quilt by Lindsey in my stack of unfinished projects for well over a year… last week I got the top finished….and I wanted to branch out into quilting feathers… enter this baby quilt…

These are the curved scraps from the raindrops…a little wonky because, Hello! Scraps are  fun to just play with… sew them together without a plan, see where they take you!  

This is where my scraps took me…

Pieced along with some muslin scraps into a baby quilt…

 All the negative space was delightful to fill in with feathers… I used a Full Line Stencil and some quilt pounce powder to mark it. (Um, the quilt pounce pad was not working very well, I used a cheap foam brush.  A trick I learned from an Ann Peterson Craftsy class! )Finished it with more scraps for the binding… it’s like a spare parts delight!  I have never quilted feathers…they are quite the challenge, even with a stencil!  I started with a paper template pulled from a digital file and practiced stitching without thread… tempimageforsaveYou never will if you don’t try…

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