Always learning, The Meadow Quilt

Last year I set out to expand my quilting skills!  I wanted to take a few classes and push my current abilities beyond my comfort zone…

Enter the Meadow Quilt.. a class by Fabric designer Lizzy House.  I pushed my color comfort zone and learned to inset circles and piece curves, and more curves!After debating on sending it out to be quilted, I finally realized that this quilt already had so much “learning” involved, I might as well push my free motion quilting skills!  As hard as it is, the only way to get better is practice, and practice on a nice sized quilt is the best way! It’s been so unseasonably cold at night, so it immediately went into service as extra cover on our bed! The backing was a fun sheet, but it wasn’t wide enough, so of course I pieced in a bit of Lizzy House Meadow fabric to pay homage to the pattern on the front! 

I loved making quilting goals and intentions for 2016, then reflecting on what I learned, and how far I came!  I’ve expanded my intentionality for 2017!  I’d love to hear your creative goals for this year!

5 thoughts on “Always learning, The Meadow Quilt

  1. My goodness, that is just gorgeous! I am in need of a quilt pattern for a wedding gift and seeing yours on the bed is inspiration! And bravo for doing the quilting, it came out gorgeous!

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